Seniors and the Internet

Internet use is good for Seniors

The Internet and Seniors are made for each other!

In a study released in November of 2009 by the University of Michigan Medical School and the RAND Center showed that Internet usage by Seniors 55 and over decreases depression 20%. The study was funded by the National Institute on Aging and the Social Security Administration.

The results, data and study may be found:

A 2005 study showed that just the use of a computer can reduce depression in Seniors as shown HERE in WebMD.

In an earlier study by UCLA strongly suggested that an hour a day of "surfing the web" can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's Disease and improve cognition in older adults.


Article from the Examiner

You can find additional evidence on the Internet use and Alzheimer's at:

The Internet is also the best way for Seniors to find health information. A study done by the Kaiser Foundation found that less than a third of Seniors use the Internet. That is a pity since the Internet is the best source for accurate medical information according to the study. It is also a shame since the total of Man's knowledge is available there.

The complete Kaiser Study is available in PDF format here.

For accurate medical information, use a search engine like Scirus to avoid the "snake oil" web sites that do not contain accurate medical information. These sites are just attempting to sell you something.

You can also limit your searches to the web sites in Computers4Seniors Medical Links. All of the web sites shown there contain accurate information.


It has been said that "there is no excuse for ignorance in this Age of the Internet". So get on the Internet and enjoy the Information Age!